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Veterinary Assistant Renewals
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Individual Approved Veterinary Assistant Renewal Information


Congratulations and acknowledgements from the NAVTA Board to all Approved Veterinary Assistants. If your status as a NAVTA Approved Veterinary Assistant is expiring soon, it is time for you to post your continuing education certificates and pay your renewal fees. Remember, to renew your Approval status, you must complete at least ten (10) hours of Veterinary Continuing Education either online, in person at a Veterinary facility, or by attending a Veterinary Conference. Be sure and obtain Certificates of Attendance with your name to certify your attendance. The processing fee for renewal remains at $10. 


VetMedTeam continues to facilitate the renewal process on behalf of NAVTA. The requirements have been determined by NAVTA, however, any renewal questions should be directed to VetMedTeam. 


What If I Have Forgotten My Expiration Date?

NAVTA Approved Veterinary Assistants may discover the expiration date of their Approved status by finding their state of approval and their name on the AVA Designees Search Page.


How Does It Work - What is the Renewal Process?

The first period of approval for a new Approved Veterinary Assistant is two years. All subsequent renewals are good for another two years. AVAs will be sent a renewal reminder 90 days and 30 days prior to the expiration date. A third email will be sent the day after the designation expires, if the AVA has not renewed prior. All designations that are not renewed within 90 days of expiration will be considered lapsed. 


The AVA Renewal Information Document provides information regarding renewing.


Please submit CE requirements at least 1 week prior to expiration date, preventing the desgination from lapsing while awaiting approval. If the designation should lapse, you can no longer use the designation and cannot refer to yourself as a NAVTA Approved Veterinary Assistant. 


NAVTA would like to thank VetMedTeam for their assistance and support of this program. Their dedication to NAVTA and the AVA program is greatly appreciated.

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