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NAVTA Committees
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NAVTA Committees 


NAVTA is led by an engaged Executive Board and Executive Director, and embraces committees to help drive initiatives forward. These committees are made up of NAVTA active members, and are led by a chairperson. Committees have individual structures, term limits, numbers of seats, and focus. Currently, the incoming president appoints chairpersons. Members wanting to sit on a Committee or Chair a Committee are nominated either by themselves or other active NAVTA members.


Current NAVTA Committees

  • Approved Veterinary Assistant Committee: This committee oversees the NAVTA Veterinary Assistant Program by tracking all currently approved programs; receiving, processing and reviewing applications for future approved programs; coordinating examinations with VetMedTeam; and reviewing submission guidelines, essential skills list on a regular basis. Persons interested in this committee should be extremely organized and efficient, and have the ability to work independently.  
  • Finance Committee: This committee creates and oversees the budget, and is critical of all expenses paid out. In addition, this committee reviews contracts and coordinates Association audits. Persons interested in the Finance committee should have a strong financial background, have strong writing skills and be reliable and able to produce monthly financial reports. 
  • Legal Committee: This committee oversees and guides with respect to the ethical aspects of NAVTA. They are responsible for reviewing NAVTA bylaws, policies, procedures and any other legal, pertinent documents. Persons interested in this committee should exhibit a high level of critical thinking, organization, writing skills, and past technician organization experience. 
  • Membership Committee: This committees responsibility is to promote membership in the NAVTA, provide relevance and value to the veterinary technician progression, and develop benefits that retain current membership and gain new membership. Qualities that these committee members should excel at include interpersonal and communication skills, organization and deadline management, and computer skills that include document editing, creative design and utilization of social media.
  • Public Relations Committee: The PR committees responsibility is to research and evaluate programs of action and communication to inform the public and industry about NAVTA. Persons interested in the PR committee should excel at communication, professionalism and social media.
  • Student Chapters of NAVTA (SCNAVTA): This committee is responsible for increasing engagement between student chapters/advisors with NAVTA, providing students with opportunities for professional networking and skill enhancement, and providing chapters with the tools needed to engage students in professional organization. Persons interested in this committee should have  a strong ability to communicate effectively and patiently, be reliable and manage time well. Advanced computer and technology skills are also essential. 
  • State Representatives Committee: This committee maintains the flow of information from NAVTA to State Association Representatives, provide assistance to State Associations, and to review State Representative nominations on an annual basis. Qualities that are expected of these committee members include effective communication skills, the ability to understand the needs and perspectives of others, and an initiative to create innovative solutions working off of set guidelines.   
  • Veterinary Technician Specialties Committee: This committee oversees the current Veterinary Technician Specialist Academy's, and reviews proposals for upcoming Academy's.  Members must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently, be detailed oriented, organized and have strong writing skills. 


Potential candidates are required to submit their nomination form, resume or CV (focusing on leadership), and a formal letter to the Committee Chairperson stating his or her qualifications, accomplishments, leadership strategy, and reasons they are interested in their nominated position. Applicants are advised to highlight activities that involved leadership initiatives, and describe how their actions moved the initiative in the right direction.


Potential committee members should understand the commitments and duties required of the committee and their position. These commitments and duties need highly motivated team players that are self-starting individuals and have a passion for propelling the veterinary technician profession forward.


Potential candidates should ask themselves the following questions before applying for a committee position:

  • Am I membership driven and able to embrace and promote the Mission of the association and committees?
  • Can I articulate my opinion (and opinions of members) while discussions are open for a vote in a manner that is productive and forthcoming?
  • How do I embrace and solve conflict?
  • Am I open to diversity, and the opinions of several individuals, and can I learn to compromise on important topics/initiatives to reach Board Consensus?
  • Can I dedicate the time needed for the Executive Board, for the entire term I would be appointed?


There will be time requirements of each committee member that include monthly telephone meetings. Candidates also acknowledge that this is a volunteer position and is not a paid position. All successful nominees will be required to sign a confidentiality and conflict of interest statement. Print the Committee Nomination Form to nominate yourself or a current NAVTA member. Once completed please submit your form to 

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