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Wellbeing Task Force FAQs
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Wellbeing Task Force FAQs

1. How is the Wellbeing Task Force information being disseminated?

2. I am trying to find someone to come and speak to my team about Wellbeing.

3. How can I find a therapist/counselor?

1. I was just curious about how [The NAVTA Wellbeing Task Force Information] is spreading out to the individual practices and reaching team members? This is something I feel (a lot) of my team needs and we have an outside speaker coming to our staff discuss. 

I personally have been to a lot of meetings on compassion fatigue and burnout, but feel that, "Now what?" is rarely addressed.  How do we take care of ourselves? What can we do or need to do and how?

Thank you for inquiring about the NAVTA Wellbeing information.  I applaud you for taking the time to ask the questions and provide support for your team.  The information on the NAVTA Wellbeing page is geared to help NAVTA members find information and resources about Wellbeing for both themselves and their team members.

As this is a NAVTA initiative, the information will be disseminated through NAVTA channels such as E-newsletter, the NAVTA Journal, social media and of course the website.  We have just launched this page and will be continuing to build the resources available to our members. 

2. I am trying to find a way for someone to come speak with me and my staff about compassion fatigue and burnout.  So far we have found one person but it will cost thousands to get them to come to our clinic.  Are there any more resources you can share?

Thank you so much for reaching out regarding help with compassion fatigue and burnout for your practice. Please contact the Wellbeing Task Force at and we can forward you resources/suggestions. 

3. I do not have medical insurance, or my current insurance does not cover counseling? Do you have any suggestions for finding an affordable counselor/doctor?

Many local counties/states offer discounted, free or income based services. Please search your local department of health’s website. There are also non-profit organizations like Catholic Charities that offer mental health services or support groups like those offered by NAMI - The National Alliance on Mental Illness. Additionally you can search for Therapists, Psychiatrists, Treatment Centers and Support Groups using this link:

How to find/choose a therapist blog


Please submit questions to - Subject/Attention to: Wellbeing Task Force

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