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District Representatives
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In March of 2017 NAVTA introduced the National District Representative System (NDRS), a new and exciting addition to our association's communication network.  NAVTA developed the NDRS to continue to help facilitate a working communication network between NAVTA, state Veterinary Technician associations and it members. 


The NDRS is comprised of 11 districts which incorporate all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto 



Each district has an elected representative whose responsibilities include: 

      Cultivating a working relationship with the state representatives.  

      Listening and categorizing the needs of their districts, along with reporting these needs to NAVTA. 

      Working in conjunction with other District Representatives on national veterinary technology topics.  

       District Representative will also be given the responsibility for conveying information from NAVTA to the states in their appointed districts.  


Interested in becoming a District Representative for your region? Contact your State VT Association to be nominated and view the nomination form here


 What is the difference between the State Representative and National District Representative?


National District Representatives 2018

District Representative 1

Ed Carlson 

 District I




·New Hampshire

·New York

·Rhode Island


District Representative 2

Michael Azzarello

District II


·District of Columbia


·New Jersey



District Representative 3

Leslie Wereszczakl

District III



·North Carolina

·South Carolina


District Representative 4

Olivia Williams

District IV



·Puerto Rico

District Representative 5


  District V




·West Virginia

District Representative 6

Courtney Waxman

District VI





District Representative 7

Meri Durand

District VII





·North Dakota

·South Dakota

District Representative 8

Ashli Selke

District VIII





  District Representative 9

Mary Berg

  District IX




·New Mexico



District Representative 10

Anita Levy

District X





District Representative 11

Ryan Frazier

District XI











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