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Academies: Current and Future
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Due to a growing interest among veterinary technicians to attain a higher level of recognition for advanced knowledge and skills in specific disciplines, NAVTA developed the Committee on Veterinary Technician Specialties (CVTS) in 1994. 

CVTS is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association as the oversight organization for Veterinary Technician Specialty Academies and Veterinary Technician Specialists. The CVTS developed guidelines, standards, procedures and criteria for veterinary technician groups to petition for recognition for the formation of a specialty organization. 

Each Academy develops advanced pathways, skills, knowledge lists, and examinations which a candidate must follow and complete in order to be awarded the designation of VTS (Veterinary Technician Specialist) in their specific discipline.

Interested in learning the requirements to create a new specialty academy? Please review the CVTS Guidelines and the FAQ document


Additional questions? Please contact


Each Academy is required to submit an Annual Report to the CVTS by January 31st each year. Please submit your Academy Annual Report prior to the deadline.


Academy Annual Report: Click HERE


CVTS appointees must be made by October 1st at the end of the representative’s term. The current voting and non-voting members of CVTS and their terms can be found here along with the other members of CVTS.


The specialty academy may remain on provisional recognition until achieving full recognition or for a period not to exceed 10 years.  A petition may be submitted to the CVTS requesting full recognition by January 15th of the year of the request.


Petition for Academy Full Recognition Form: Click HERE

A letter of intent, including the names, CV’s and work experience of OC members are submitted to the CVTS for review and approval prior to the petition for specialty academy recognition. Members of the organizing committee must be veterinary technicians recognized as exceptionally qualified and who meet all the criteria as outlined in the CVTS guidelines.

Submission Form and Letter of Intent:  Click HERE

Continuing Education Worksheet: Click HERE

Curriculum Vitae instructions for template use


Seeking NAVTA recognition as a Veterinary Technician Specialty Academy? 

Petition for new academies: Click HERE

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