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Veterinary Nurse
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National Credentialing and Standardization 

  • A standardized title should be used in all 50 states; in addition, a standard should be set in all 50 states for maintenance of credentials

  • A standardized credential will unify the profession and grow professional recognition

  • The veterinary consumer needs to understand what credentialed veterinary technicians/nurses do on a daily basis in regards to patient care

  • Pet owners are demanding qualified veterinary nursing personnel, which leads to consumer protection and patient care


NAVTA's position statement:

The current credentialing systems, which vary state to state, has led to confusion for the veterinary consumer and within the veterinary profession. Establishing a single and standard title is the first step in the process to clarify the important role of the profession and provide enhanced patient care. Pets and pet owners are best protected and cared for by formally trained and credentialed veterinary technicians/nurses.


For Credentialed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technician Specialists looking to advance their careers, the unified title will create a national and global standard. NAVTA aims to create an alignment within the veterinary field, provide education for veterinarians, paraprofessionals, and consumers to elevate the understanding of roles and responsibilities as they relate to patient care by veterinary technicians/nurses.  


National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) has initiated conversations with global, national, and state organizations in regards to consumer protection and patient care by implementing the use of a single term. In addition, NAVTA’s goal is to work hand in hand with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), professional veterinary organizations, and legislators to create common terminology, practice acts, policies, and procedures to ease the burden that could be placed on individual states and associations in credential governance.


Proposed Timeline:

National Credentialing and Title Protection will not happen overnight. In fact, it is proposed to occur over the next 5-10 years. NAVTA will spend 2016 researching the best options, consulting with attorney's, professional organizations, global, national and state veterinary medical associations, and legislatures.


NAVTA is working closely with state veterinary technician associations to educate and develop consistent messaging. Look for webinars during the months of September and October 2016! A follow up survey will be deployed in October.


In addition, NAVTA realizes the importance of veterinary assistants in the success of the credentialed veterinary technician/nurse and the veterinary hospital. This initiative takes into consideration their important role, and how to further elevate through the Approved Veterinary Assistant Programs.



Demographic Survey Results:

  • 91% of individuals polled support a National Standardized Credential
  • 54% of individuals polled support a title change to Veterinary Nurse
  • 38% of individuals polled support the term Veterinary Technician



Reprinted from the NAVTA Journal, April/May 2016: Nurses' Perspectives of Nomenclature and Understanding the Role of Veterinary Technicians

Authored by Frances Hyde, CVT, BAS




Interview with VetTeam Brief at AVMA:







As the work in this critical area continues, the content on this webpage will be updated. Check back frequently for updates. Last update: 8/25/16


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