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Blog Author: Julie Legred, CVT

NAVTA Executive Director


When I hear the word leadership, I think of many things. To me, leadership is a person or team that can provide positive oversight and direction within an organization, practice, initiative, etc. These individuals should not “run the show”, but provide encouragement and positive feedback for others to embrace and feel empowered to do their part.


People don’t realize that they are a leader in the everyday things that they do.  If you are a parent, have a job, play sports, or are a member of an organization, you are a leader. Others within these situations look to you for the correct answers and to lead them in the right direction.


I have found that I have been in leadership roles throughout my entire life.  I am the oldest of 3 kids, have volunteered in coaching sports and have been involved with association volunteerism. I have 4 boys, in which 2 are out of the nest and 2 are still at home, but even the older two, continue look to me for answers and advice.  I have been a Sunday school teacher. Many times, I have encountered moments where I am a leader, even if no title or recognition is available.


My veterinary technology career of over 32 years has also placed me in leadership roles.  From client education, mentoring student technician and veterinarian interns, training new technicians and staff, veterinary technology program instructing, program director, SCNAVTA Advisor, volunteer as treasurer, state representative, membership chair, and conventions chair for many years in the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians, NAVTA President elect, president and past president and eventually  the interim executive director and the executive director of NAVTA for the past 5 years and so much more…


I have been involved with a lot. I truly believe the passion I have for our profession, with everything I do in the various roles, gives me the courage, faith, energy and drive needed to lead; but I do not do this myself.  There are many that help in these efforts and allow us to do what we do and make a difference.  Our passion drives us. There is nothing that we cannot succeed at IF we work together. 



Personal Leadership

Blog author: Jade Velasquez, LVT

President of Washington State Association of Veterinary Technician

Member of NAVTA's membership and PR committees


I feel leadership is the key to not only personal success, but the success of those around us. It’s easy to identityleadership with a title, but important to know that leadership is more a quality than anything else. Many great, kind and diplomatic leaders showed me what it meant to lead a team. Those people created awe, passion and confidence wherever they went. Through those people I learned, above all, to drive people towards their personal success and to fight for the greater good.


Leadership chose me. It took some time to embrace my natural qualities and identify what I found important. It came from taking many leaps of faith, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and keeping the mindset that everything that is meant to be, will be. I find it important to note that leaders are just ordinary people who took a chance and followed their heart. They identified what they value personally, and chose to make that their life motto. And people listen to that. Because the best leaders are genuine, always keeping progress a forefront and encouraging others to be amazing.

A great leader will always serve their people. Their colleagues, co-workers and equals are their motivation. It takes looking at the big picture of a clinic, association or organization and asking “What can I do to help these people reach their full potential?” “How do my words, thoughts and ideas create a culture that embraces growth, change and wellness?” What we do as leaders is on display. Our words and actions are a valuable precedent. If people can connect with you, they will follow suit. They will work to achieve common goals and create their own goals and contributions. 

Leadership in our clinics and community can create things that many never thought possible. By being honest, fair, passionate and dedicated to our team and profession we can create miracles. All it takes is finding your passion and diving into unknown waters. I look forward to swimming with many of you.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”-Gandhi


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